The easiest and most cost-effective way to clean up pet waste.


Model 1001 Dog Poop Dispenser Model 1100 Dog Poop Dispenser
Standard Model "1001" Standard Model Stainless Steel "1100"

The standard model Dogi-Dogi dog waste container is 60" x 20" x 35". It is a green metal container with two integrated bag-roll dispensers and a liner bag. The plastic bags, which come on a roll and are placed in the container, are torn off by the pet owners and are used as gloves to clean up after their pets. The Dog Waste Clean-up container has a slot-opening in the front (which is covered by a rubber flap to control odor and flies) and is used to dispose of the bags. remember, when you think Dog Waste Clean up, think Dogi-Dogi.

The standard model can be mounted on a low wall, or mounted on a pillar.

Available in may-green and hunter-green.
Also available in all RAL colors. (Call 702.565.3233 for pricing)

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